State Agencies

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State Agency Links

Use this table to find information for specific states. Click on any link and it will take you directly to the state page that is needed. 

CMV Enforce – Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement agency that works with commercial vehicles and motor carriers. 

Permits – To request trip permits, over weight and over dimension permits. 

State Safety Info – State Safety Information on commercial motor vehicles and motor carriers. 

IFTA & IRP – International Fuel Tax Agreement & International Registration Plan. File your fuel tax returns or state mileage returns and get apportioned vehicle plates. 

Medical Card – Use for commercial drivers to file their medical card with the state as required by the DOT. 

CDL – Commercial Driver License requirements by state. 

CDL Status – Check to see if a commercial drivers license is suspended. 

wdt_ID State CMV Enforce Permits State Safety Info. IFTA & IRP Medical Card CDL CDL Status
1 Arizona
2 Alabama
3 Arkansas
4 Alaska
5 California
6 Colorado
7 Connecticut
8 Delaware
9 Florida
10 Georgia