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Large Truckload Carriers Driver Turnover Dropped in 2018

Driver turnover rate for large truckload carriers dropped by 9 percentage points in the fourth quarter of 2018. Large truckload is defined as having over 30 million in annual revenue.  However, small truckload fleets with less than 30 million turnover rates continue to climb. ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello attributes the decline in turnover at […]

Driver Training Critical – ATA Technology & Maintenance Council

At the ATA Technology and Maintenance Council a panel of experts spoke about the use of safety technologies such as collision mitigation, lane departure systems, and cameras to reduce accidents.  The experts stated that these systems have all been proven to reduce accidents, however they are only effective is the proper maintenance and driver training […]

Oregon DOT Plan Regular Inspections During Required Chain Up Conditions in Columbia River Gorge

In a joint effort by ODOT and the Oregon State Policy, Oregon Department of Transportation has a new inspection policy for the Columbia River Gorge area of Interstate 84 to help enforce tire chain requirements. When chain-up requirements are activated, trucks are required to leave I 84 westbound at mileposts 63 exit Hood River and […]

Celadon Uses SurveyMonkey to Get Driver Feedback

Celadon Trucking, one of the 10 largest truckload carriers is using SurveyMonkey to automatically collect feedback from drivers. Based on industry studies,  Celadon Trucking is using critical time intervals when drivers are most at risk for leaving their company and started collecting feedback. Within days after orientation Celadon follow up with surveys and again at […]

Colorado Passes Law to Allow 18-21 Year Olds to Drive Interstate

The trucking industry has been talking for years now about how to engage students coming out of high school become truck drivers. Colorado Gov Jared Polis signed into law a bill that will open interstate trucking opportunities to people between ages of 18 and 21. Unfortunately, the federal regulations still prohibit 18-21-year-old to cross state […]

Large Truckload Fleets Saw Profits Dip in 2018

Stronger revenues did not equal larger profits. In most cases smaller profits were seen then the year prior. Carriers are spending more on salaries and wages and brokered freight to other trucking companies so expenditures increased.  Covenant Transportation spend 63 million more on salaries and wages in 2018 than it did in 2017 and nearly […]

Standardizing Collision Avoidance Systems is a Most Wanted Improvement by NTSB

WASHINGTON — Automobile and truck manufacturers should develop a standard practice of installing collision avoidance technology in their vehicles, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt said such technologies could save 1,000 lives a year. He stated at the February 4, 2019 unveiling of the NTSB top priority list. Earl Weener, […]

U.S. Xpress Sells it’s Ownership in the U.S. Mexico Cross Border Trucking Business

US Xpress sells ownership in their cross border trucking business U.S. Xpress Internacional in Laredo Texas in attempt to improve profitability and increase shareholder returns.  U.S. Express will also sell 700 dry van trailers used in the cross border business.  U.S. Xpress became publicly traded carrier last June.  The company hopes to generate 20 million […]

FMCSA Seeks Final Round of Comments on Military-Driver Pilot Program

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking a final round of comments on its plan to soon begin a three-year pilot program. The program will compare the safety records of current or former military heavy truck drivers younger than 21 with a control group of current interstate drivers from 21 to 24 years old. […]

DOT Raises Fines for Violation of Truck Regulations

The U.S. DOT announced Monday it has increased fines across the board for violations of federal trucking regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is required by Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015 to adjust fine amounts each year based on inflation. A final rule that published in the Federal Register today, Nov. […]