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About Us

Kristina Wylie, CDS

4 CMV Drivers was founded by Kristina Wylie in 2016. She has an eighteen-year career managing fleet safety & compliance.   She has worked for large fleets including Interstate Distributor, Univar, and Wilbur Ellis as a fleet safety professional. Kris has had the privilege to speak on national platforms for the National Private Truck Council and via webinars for multiple industry providers. She is truly an expert in the complex fleet safety & compliance field. In addition to 4 CMV Drivers, LLC she is the Vice President of Operations for InfoStream a EBE company.



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“After spending a long career working in the transportation, I have been fortunate to learn from professionals who are leading our industry in compliance, safety, and risk. I have found over the years that people who work in safety, risk, and DOT compliance are natural educators.  Taking the information learned from those educations, our company has built this much needed platform to simplify and deliver information to our current and future industry leaders. We look forward to being a long-term resource for our members.” 




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