Fleets Installing Collision Avoidance Systems Need to Train Drivers

NHTSA estimates there were more than 37000 fatalities in 2017 and collision avoidance systems and blind spot detection tools can be critical to preventing accidents.  However, the drivers using the systems need to be trained on them.

The systems can be effective for avoiding accidents but making the drivers comfortable on how to use the system and understanding it is critical to effectiveness.  When technology is installed in trucks, it can create anxiety and stress for the driver. Training them to understand with all the beeps and alerts do is how to reduce that emotional impact and helps them understand the technology better.

NTSB has urged NHTSA to require manufacturers to install collision avoidance systems in vehicles. Increased use of the systems made the NTSB Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements which was unveiled on February 4, 2019.

Technology can make our fleets safer, but training drivers to utilize it and minimize the drivers negative reaction is important for it to be successful for any motor carrier.

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