Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Executive Director Collin Mooney participated as a panelist at the March 22 American Trucking Association Safety Management Council that a “manufacturer crisis” is going to cause many fleets to miss the transition from AOBRD to ELD if they wait until November to make the transition. 

Mr. Mooney stated he does not a believe an extension will happen on the final implementation date so fleets should start the transition prior to this fall.

Some of the other challenges facing the CVSA and FMCSA is

Mooney said that other ELD and hours-of service challenges for inspectors include:

  • All the exemptions that FMCSA have issues excluding fleets from ELD requirements.
  • Many drivers stopped roadside do not know if they are operating ELD’s or AOBRD’s.  Mooney encourages fleets to make sure drivers are aware what they are using.
  • Personal conveyance language is vague. FMCSA needs to precisely define how far drivers can go on personal conveyance.  Mooney stated some parameters need to be put in place.

“What I’ve observed is what we’re working through now is a lot of fraud and abuse that existed in the system,” Mooney said in an interview after the session. “The wiggle room that drivers had in their paper logs, which technically is illegal, has now been redefined, and pushed a lot of that fraud and abuse into personal conveyance.”

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