4 CMV provides professional services for motor carriers including safety upgrades, audit preparation, and mock audits. This week I have been working with a customer in a audit/compliance review being conducted by the FMCSA.  I was visiting with the FMCSA about the ELD mandate and the upcoming deadline for the change over from AOBRD’s to ELD’s. The FMCSA auditor said she had been shocked at how many motor carriers she had audited since the mandate that thought they were on ELD’s and were very disappointed when she pointed out they were actually on AOBRD’s.

Many of the sales people in the ELD arena do not understand ELD verses AOBRD and inadvertently (most of the time) provided in accurate data to motor carriers during the sales cycle.

Your ELD MUST do the following basic things to be an ELD.

Before this fall and at least a few months before the December 16, 2019 deadline motor carriers should confirm with your provider that you are operating an ELD.  Keep in mind if you wait until the last minute your company will be out of compliance.

Must automatically capture the following: engine is on or off, when the vehicle motion status, miles driving, engine hours
Automatically capture location
Show a graph of the log
Provide an alert regarding unassigned miles (miles the truck was driven without a login)
Notifications if truck has been moving for 5 consecutive minutes as well as other notifications for duty status
The time must be set up to read UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) obviously it will show converted to the time zone of your drivers home base
Must transfer information in two ways: 1. USB and Bluetooth, 2. wireless via the web and wireless email.

All ELD’s must be capable of displaying ELD data and allowing officials to print it out.

Must not allow erasing or changing data without showing the changes made
Must monitor its own compliance (engine connectivity, timing, positioning, etc) and detect malfunctions. ELD must document these occurrences

Remember that as the motor carrier is ultimately responsible for your compliance, so if you are operating an AOBRD and not an ELD and the change is not made prior to the December deadline the provider is not responsible for the fines or the repercussions to your company as a result of the oversight.  


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