As of February 21, 2019, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety administration formally announced its immediate end of its exemption process for insulin-dependent truck and bus drivers.

The exemption process will remain in effect for drivers with epilepsy and seizure disorders, as well as for hearing and vision disorders, the agency said.

The revised diabetes standard that was published on September 19th allows certified medical examiners working with treating physicians the ability to determine whether an insulin treated individual can received a medical certificate to drive a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce for up to 12 months.

The new rule eliminates the two- or three-month delay for diabetic drivers with medical cards.

Diabetic drivers will still need to work with and convince his/her treating physician and medical examiner that his/her diabetes is under control. They are required to keep blood glucose monitoring records for at least the preceding three months and must detail how often the test their blood.  They must also review if they have experienced any sever hypoglycemic episodes in the past three months.

Although the final rule outlining the requirements for diabetic exemptions technically ended the process in September, the agency still was clearing out drivers requesting exemptions until late November.

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